quarta-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2011

My Book Boyfriend (4)

Wednesday, which means that today is day of MBB :D This meme is hosted by The Unread Reader, in which we show to our readers, characters that we're drooling for! This week, I'll talk about my love of the week:


  • Books he's in: All the books in the "Black Dagger Brotherhood" series.
  • Apperance:  
  • Well, normal for a six foot six, two hundred and sixty pound warrior vampire. Maybe the perception that he’s somehow different is because of the power in his eyes. His pupils are the color of diamonds, and when he stares at you, you feel plucked clean. It’s as if he sees the whole continuum of your life at a glance, and the beginning, middle and end are all known to him. He’s also sexy as hell. The tattoo at his left temple, an interlocking pattern of swirls, is gorgeous as it bleeds into the outside corner of his eye. He’s sporting a goatee, too, which is the color of his short black hair. On his left hand, he wears a black leather driving glove. That hand, I’ve heard, is capable of vast destruction and I’m glad it’s not out in the open.

  • V is son of the Virgin Scribe.
  • He has a twin sister, Payne.
  • He can see the future!
  • He's mated with Jane, the doctor of the Brotherhood. 
  • He has SM fetish.

  • Why he's my book boyfriend: Well, I love V, because  he is the genius of the Brotherhood, but he knows how to fight too! And besides, I love man with some facial hair :P hahahaha The only thing that is weird in him is the fact he's mated with a ghost. Yeah, a ghost.
  • Who would be the perfect V: My perfect V, would be the one who is in the profile picture of the V of BDB in Twitter, but I don't know who is the person D: So here's my second choice: The model Andrei Andrei, would be a almost perfect V to me :)
  • Scene that made me swoon:

"Glad you see it my way." Vishous picked up the mug, took it to Jane, and handed it to her. As she blew across the surface, he kissed her on the neck. Then did a little nuzzling.
To him she was just as she always had felt, but to others she was a thing of a different sort. She wore clothes, but if she wasn't keeping herself solid and someone bumped into her, the fabrics compressed like nothing was inside of them, and the person who was in her path basically stepped through her.
It was a little strange. Plus, if it happened to be one of his brothers, V's territoriality got triggered like you read about. The thing was, though, this was the new reality, so everyone had to deal. He and Jane were both making the transition to her new situation, and it wasn't always easy.
But who the fuck cared? They had each other.
"So you're going to Safe Place today?" he asked her.
"Yeah, my first day at my new job. Can't wait!" Jane's eyes shone. "Then I'm coming back here to put in equipment orders for my clinic. I've decided to take on two doggen and train them as nurses. I think that's the best thing to do for security purposes…"
As Jane talked about her plans for the Brotherhood's clinic and what she was going to do for Safe Place, V started to smile.
"What?" she said. She glanced down at herself, brushed her white coat off, then looked behind her.
"Come here, female." He pulled her up against him and dropped his head. "I mention lately how sexy your brain is?"
"You were mostly interested in something else this afternoon, so no."
He laughed at her wry smile. "I was a little preoccupied, wasn't I?"
"Mmm, yes."

So, who is your book boyfriend of the week? :)