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Follow Friday and Book Blogger Hop!

Wow! I didn't make Friday memes for months! I've to start to make them again...

Follow Friday is hosted by Parajunkee's View and this week's question was made by Louise of Book Bliss! The question is:

How many books do you read in a week? And in what format do you read them, or listen to them?

Well, I usually read two or three books in a week, depends of my free time and how many books I've in my TBR pile, or if I've time to go to the library and get some new books of me to read. Well, since in my country, we don't have differents formats of books, all books that we've here, are, in my point of view, paperbacks. So I do read paperbacks, and hardbacks, we I get them via Book Depository XD

And you? How many books do you read in a week? :)

Book Blogger Hop

Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Jennifer of Crazy-for-Books and the question of this week is:

"What book-to-movie adaption have you most liked? Which have you disliked?"

Uhm... I really like the first Harry Potter movie (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone). To me was the most well adapted book in the whole serie, in my opinion, but I liked the movie 3 too (please, don't kill me! D:)

And you? What book-to-movie adaption did you like the most? :D 

P.S: Yeah, the html for this post sucks, but I'll fix it, when I get home, and enter on my computer and my Google Chrome. I hate IE u_u'

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My Book Boyfriend (9)

My poor blog is abandoned! What sadness, but the college is killing my time, so I don't have time to write anything, despise th fact that I read several books in the past months. ARGH! 
This meme is hosted by The Unread Reader, in which we show to our readers, characters that we're drooling for! This week, I'll talk about my love of the week:

Ethan Ainsley

  • Appearance: I only thing that I know about Ethan is that he has brown hair and blue eyes. And he's good-looking. Just that. Damn descriptions. 
  • Books that he's in: Something Borrowed, Something Blue and Baby Proof.
  • Ethan is very smart.
  • He's Darcy and Rachel's childhood friend.
  • He lives in London.
  • He married a girl called Brandi, but he discovered that she was cheating on him, so he left her.
  • He's the protagonist of Something Blue.
  • He was the only one who did know about Rachel and Dex affair.
  • Why he's my book boyfriend: I know that Dex is the hero of Something Borrowed, but... I don't like him, because he took too long to make the decision about Darcy and the wedding. But, I think that Ethan is so cute and such a great a friend, that I fell in love with him.
  • Who would be my perfect Ethan: James Marsden. I love John Krasinski, but he isn't the guy who I imagined to play Ethan, but I do loved him in the movie.
  • Scene that made me swoon: 
"I think Brandi soured Ethan on the whole fresh-air, live-off-the-land kind of life. Or maybe he just wanted something new. Because he moved to London, where he writes for a magazine and is working on a book about London architecture, an interest he didn't acquire until he landed on British soil. But that's how Ethan is. He figures things out along the way, always ready to back up and start over, never bowing to pressure or expectations. I wish I could be more like him. "So what did you do for your birthday?" Ethan asks.I shut my office door and blurt it out.

"Darcy had a surprise party for me, I got wasted, and hooked up with Dex.I suppose this is what happens when you're not accustomed to having secrets. You don't learn the art of holding back. In fact, I am surprised I have lasted this long. I hear static in the line as the news travels across the Atlantic. I panic, wishing I could suck the admission back in."Get the fuck outta here. You're kidding me, right?
"My silence tells him that I'm serious.
"Ohhh, shhhit." His voice is still smiling.
"What? What are you thinking? " I need to know if he's judging. I need to know what he thinks of me, if he is siding with Chanel Suit.
"Wait. Whaddaya mean, hooked up? You didn't sleep with him, did you?"
"Um. Yeah. Actually I did."I am relieved to hear him laugh, even though I tell him that it's not funny, that this is serious business.
"Oh, trust me. This is funny."I picture the dimple in his left cheek.

"And what exactly is so amusing?"
"Miss Goody Two-shoes screws her friend's fiancé. This is raw comedy at its best."

Ok, this isn't romantic, but I didn't read Something Blue that it's the book that he's the main protagonist yet, so I don't know any romantic scenes. Yet. BWAHAHAHAHAH

And you? Who is your Book Boyfriend of the week? :)

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My Book Boyfriend (8)

Thank god that my tests stopped a little now. Two weeks without having to study is a blessing. Now I've to write my delayed reviews, to put the blog back on track. My Book Boyfriend is hosted by The Unread Reader, in which we show to our readers, characters that we're drooling for! This week, I'll talk about my love of the week:


  • Books that he's in: Hush Hush; Crescendo; Silence
  • Appearance: "A dark-Levi’s dark-Henley dark boots kind of guy, who smells of mint". He has .black hair, smokey eyes and maybe about six-foot-one or two.
  • Patch was a fallen angel, but now he's Nora's Guardian Angel.
  • He lost his wings because of a human girl.
  • He has a Jeep, which he won in a pool game.
  • He's Nora Biology lab partner.
  • Why he's my Book Boyfriend? Because he's hot, but I really don't like too much his attitude. Maybe he has changed in the second book. (I didn't read it yet D:)
  • My perfect Patch: The same guy who is the cover of all Hush Hush Novels as Patch, Drew Doyon, but the real thing is much better than the bookish one. *drools*
  • Scene that made me swoon:
“You smell good, too,” said Patch“It’s called a shower.” I was staring straight ahead. When he didn’t answer, I turned sideways. “Soap. Shampoo. Hot water.”“Naked. I know the drill.” 

"You possess other people's...bodies." 
He accepted that statement with a nod. 
"Do you want to possess my body?" 
"I want to do a lot of things to your body, but that's not one of them."  

"You're a guardian angel now." I was still too much in awe to wrap my mind around it, but at the same time I felt amazement, curiosity...happiness. 
"I'm your guardian angel," he said. 
"I get my very own guardian angel? What, exactly, is your job description?" 
"Guard your body." His smile tipped higher. "I take my job seriously, which means I'm going to need to get acquainted with the subject matter on a personal level."

I laughed with some of those quotes! XD 


So, who is your Book Boyfriend of the week? :)


domingo, 1 de maio de 2011

Review: Fatal Embrace by Aris Whittier

 Fatal EmbraceSeveral years ago, Michael Craven gave up his career as a detective when his fiancé was killed and her killer never caught. Living with the guilt, he throws himself into his Montana ranch and his solitary existence. But, when a serial killer starts making his way through a nearby town, Michael is asked to come back and help a good friend and fellow detective, solve the crime. In doing so, he must hire someone to take his place on the ranch. 
When horse trainer, Jess Stanson shows up, it takes Michael by surprise. Jess turns out to be Jessica. Jessica convinces him to let her stay. Over time they established a fragile friendship. Although, on the inside both feel more but, Michael's past prevents him from being anything but distant and serious. 

As Michael works diligently to track down the killer he finds that Jessica is the only witness to the case. Vowing to protect her with his life and keep his growing feelings separate is no easy task. When Jessica becomes a target it becomes personal for Michael and he can no longer deny his love for this spirited woman. He will do anything to protect her, including giving his own life. (From Goodreads)

First of all, I wanted to apologize with Aris for taking so long to write this review. Second, I want to apologize to my readers, for not posting for so long. I'm with some problems, and they make really difficult to write anything at all. Okay, but for now, let's forget it.

I can just say one thing about this book: I loved it! I loved the romantic parts, loved the mystery part, loved the characters and everything else! The story begins with Michael, retired homicide detective, who has the guilty of never being able to catch his fiancée murder. So now, he lives in a ranch in Montana with his horses, but the past always come. 
His old partner Dan, who is now the homicide chief, asks Michael if he can help the force to catch a serial killer, who has been murdering young girls in the city. He accepts to help, so he needs to hire somebody to take his place in the ranch, while he's busy following leads. This is when, he hires Jess Stanson. The problem is: He doesn't now that Jess is Jessica, and he gets very surprised and angry with this fact, but with time and Jess insistence, they build a friendship. The only problem is: After a little trip to the city, Jess saw the killer. And now he's watching her. How Michael will deal with that? And what he's going to do to stop the murder, before he gets the woman that he loves?

I love when the emotions that the characters are expressing are so real, that you think "That could happen to me too! And I would do/feel the same thing as her!" I felt that with Jess and Michael. I felt connected with them, so I could understand their emotions. And another thing that was that Jess and Michael didn't fall in love in 30 seconds, are in the bed in one day and planning their life in the rest of the book. Everything happened so calmly and smoothly, principally because of Michael's dead fiancée.

In the end... They mystery part... That was good. I loved how Aris balanced the 
romance, but without letting the mystery get boring and easy for the readers. 
Well, I recommend this book for everybody who loves a great romance and a great mystery all together in one place.

My rating was:

I LOVED this book!