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My Book Boyfriend (3)

Two weeks without My Book Boyfriend here, but ok, because I'm back hahaha! This meme is hosted by The Unread Reader, in which we show to our readers, characters that we're drooling for! This week, I'll talk about my love of the week: 


  • Books he's in: All the books in the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series
  • Apperance: 
  • Butch O’Neal’s presence isn’t over-shadowed by V’s. Butch is not as a big, but compared to other human men, he’s heavy duty. He’s about six feet two and his shoulders are very broad... and they’ve gotten even broader since I first met him, as if he’s been lifting weights with the brothers or something. He’s got hazel eyes and a nose that’s been broken a couple of times and brown hair. His attitude is cocky and self-confident, but it’s not offensive because you sense he can back it up and then some. And he obviously likes women. Not in a skivvy way or anything; he’s not an ogler. When he looks at you, you just have the sense that he respects you. (From J.R Ward's Interview with V and Butch)

  • Butch is a ex-homicide detective.
  • He's Wrath's "cousin".
  • After his late transition, he's one of the Brothers, and in the Brotherhood he's know as Dhestroyer.
  • He's mated with Marissa.

Why he's my Book Boyfriend: The first time that I read Dark Lover I thought that Butch would be one of that characters that just appear in some moments to help (like that detective in Charmed!) or we would just disappear, but I was happy to see that he got his spot in the books! He's a little ironic and stupid sometimes, but he's caring, he always ready to protect his friends and has a great style! hahahah

Who would be a perfect Butch? To me, Mark Wahlberg. Of curse that he smiles more than Butch, but to me he's almost like the perfect Butch.

Scene that made me swoon: 

Except she went down to her knees in front of him, the gown pooling all around her in great waves of satin. Her voice was husky with emotion as she ducked her head. “I would offer you, warrior, this pledge of luck when you fight.” She lifted her hands up and in her palms was a thick braid of her hair tied on either end with pale blue ribbon. “It would be my pride to have you keep this on you in battle. It would be my pride to have my… hellren serve our race. If you still… would have me.” 
Completely wiped out by the gesture, Butch eased down to the floor and lifted up her trembling chin. As he thumbed away her tears, he took the braid from her and cradled it to his heart. “Of course I would have you,” he whispered. “But what’s changed?”
She glanced back at the three females of the house in their majestic dress. Then in an equally quiet voice, she said, “I talked to some friends. Or rather, they talked to me.”
“Marissa…” It was all he could say.
As his voice seemed to have dried up, he kissed her, and while they embraced, a great cheer rose up into the vast foyer.
“I’m so sorry I was weak,” she whispered in his ear. “Beth and Mary and Bella came to see me. I’m never going to be at peace with the danger you face as a member of the Brotherhood. I’m going to worry every night. But they trust their males to be careful, and I… I believe you love me. I believe you wouldn’t leave me if you could help it. I… I believe you will be careful with yourself and that you will stop if the evil threatens to overwhelm you. If they can handle the fear of loss, so can I.”
He squeezed her even tighter. “I’ll be careful, I swear. I swear.”
They stayed on the floor, locked together, for a while. Then Butch lifted his head and looked at Wrath, who had taken Beth into his arms.
“So, brother,” Butch said. “You got a knife and some salt? Time to finish a certain mating, you feel me?”
“We’ve got you covered, my man.”
Fritz came forward with the same pitcher and bowl of Morton’s best that had been used at Wrath and Beth’s ceremony. And Rhage and Mary’s. And Zsadist and Bella’s.
As Butch looked into his shellan’s pale blue eyes, he murmured. “Darkness will never take me… because I have you. Light of my life, Marissa. That’s what you are.”

So, who is your Book Boyfriend of the week? :) 

And don't forget to check my review for Dark Lover and for Personal Demons!

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