domingo, 13 de março de 2011

Some photos...

This Friday in the FF, we said a little about the person behind the blog. So, when I talked about my dogs and my weird family, I didn't have any pictures to show to you, but my sister got home today, and she had our camera with her, so that means... LOTS OF PHOTOS! YEY!

First, my cute-cute dogs:

This is Boris. Yeah, I know. It's not a very common name for a dog, but when my sister saw him, she looked straight in his face and said: "Your name is going to be Boris." In the end of the day, he only attended for Boris. It was weird. He's a Brazilian Fila, and I was reading that in places like NY and UK, you can't have one of those, because they're very dangerous, because they're primarily guard dogs, but Boris is a exception to the rule, just like my friend's Rotweiller. He's very friendly and loves to play, sleep and eat. The only person that he doesn't like is one of my sister's friends, but I don't like him either.
He's 6 years old. And yeah, he's tall. I believe that he's almost 1,70m (5,5 foot). and he loves to put his face in the window of our living room, and sometimes he like to give little bites in ankles to get some attention or food XD

This is Gloria. She doesn't have a definite race, but she's something between a poodle and a Shih Tzu, at the least that is what I believe. She's 6 years old, and she loves to run. And she loves to get someone to scratch her ears and her tummy. It's weird, but she's a only child. Her mom was with 10 years when she gave birth to her, and she was the only puppy who was born.
She loses about 2,7 pounds (6 kg) everytime that she gets wet. It's to much hair! hahahahaha

This is part of my family. We've my cousin (she's just like my twin... The only thing that he don't share is the parents. Everything else, we share. Birthday, Age, Parties and even presents XD), my grandmother, my grandfather, trying to hidden from the camera, my aunt, who loves a camera and my uncle. It's a scheme that in this photo, my aunt who makes weirds sounds wasn't here. It would be funny.

These are my parents. This a photo after a day walking for Montivideo, so this isn't their best appearance, but on Christmas we probably will have good pictures. I hope XD

Unfortunately, this is me XD But I don't mind if you still imagine me like the girl in the picture on the "About Me".

And in the end, this my sister. The girl who paints her nails seven times in 3 hours and loves to stole my camera. Oh God... I'm smelling nail polish again.

I think that I introduced everybody, but please... DON'T RUN AWAY AFTER THOSE PHOTOS! ;3;