quinta-feira, 10 de março de 2011

Ebooks x Print Books x Hardcovers

Hi guys! Almost a week without any post, isn't? Well, it's because of my college classes D: They started March 1st, and I stay there from 10am until 21pm, and it's a little hard to post, but I'll! I PROMISE! I love this blog too much to give up now! ahhahahaha
Oh well, today the post is about something that I thought that would be really interesting. At the least to me is. It's the constant fight between ebooks and print books, and I hardcovers have a place in the history. Since, I live in a country, where reading ebooks isn't a common pratice. Some stores are selling ebooks, but since all the devices for the kind of reading (Sony, Nook and the loved Kindle) are too expensive, even if you import them from US (they cost like 400$/500$, because of the damn taxes!). So the only way of reading them is by computer, MP3 or things like that. I've lots of ebooks, and they're great because:

  1. It's minus space that they use.
  2. They can't be crushed, get dirty or wet.
  3. They're cheaper than print books.
  4. If a publisher can't send a print book to the blogger, he can use Net Galley or trying to win a ebook, which is much more cheaper that sending the book.
But for all good things, we've the bad ones...
  1. Every time that you spend reading so much on this, makes your eyes hurt. At the least my eyes hurt. And my head too. It's just like when we get on a computer too long. 
  2. It's too risky to walk with a Kindle. I mean... You have less chance of being assaulted when you have a print book in hand than Kindle! XD
  3. I miss feeling the cover in my hand and turning the pages. Yeah, I miss the smell too.
  4. I miss putting them on my bookshelf. 
Of course, that is just my opinion. Everybody can love or hate ebooks or print books. It just a question of choice.

And besides that, I was thinking about hardcovers and paperback books. I love both of them, for different reasons. Hardcovers are beautiful! I love the covers and the felling that they pass to me, like they're one of those old books, of the time of my grandmother, but I'm always scared of taking them outside of my house, because I'm afraid that I'll drop them or something like that. They're bigger that paperback books and more heavier, and besides that more expensive, but come out before the paperback ones. Paperback books are smaller and lighter than hardback ones, but they're more simple, and I'm always scared that when I open the book too much it stays with it's spine marked, but sometimes their cover are better than the hardback ones.

And you? What you think? :)