quarta-feira, 16 de março de 2011

My Book Boyfriend (5)

Another two weeks without MBB. This is routine already, but I'm back!
Wednesday, which means that today is day of MBB :D This meme is hosted by The Unread Reader, in which we show to our readers, characters that we're drooling for! This week, I'll talk about my love of the week:


  • Books that he's in: Queen of Babble series
  • Appearance: Chaz is tall and thin. He has brown hair and shiny blue eyes. And he loves to use baseball caps. (Sorry for the description, but I couldn't find any better description of him in the books u_u') 
  • Chaz has lots of degrees in philosophy, and he's studying to get more.
  • He wants to be a teacher.
  • He is the ex of Lizzie's best friend.
  • He is going to receive a good money after his parents death, because his father is a divorce attorney, and one of the most famous in NY.
  • He is best friends with Lizzie ex-fiancée.
  • Real name: Charles Pendergast, the Third.
  • Why he's my book boyfriend: Chaz is cute, loving and caring, but he knows how his girlfriend need a touch of the reality. And he even washed girls clothes (Yeah, he did it for his ex XD) or did cookies! I mean... Do you know any guy who does that and isn't gay? I don't.
  • Who would be my perfect Chaz: James Marsden. He looks a little nerdy, but he still is hot. And he looks a lot like the description of Chaz.
  • Scene that made me swoon: 
"I want to know everything," he says, slinging his backpack -we have not progressed to the point where either of us has a drawer at the other's apartment yet- onto my couch. "But first... how did it go at Ava's parents' place?"  

"Oh, Chaz..."And the next thing I know, I'm in his arms, and it's -I don't know how to describe it. It's completely different from being in my former fiancée's arms. Instead of feeling self-conscious and strange and awkward, the way I had when Luke and I hugged a little while ago, I feel safe and comforted and, most important of all, loved -completely and wholeheartedly loved- when Chaz's arms are around me. I close my eyes, letting his warmth envelope me, and suddenly the tears that hadn't been there with Luke show up.

"Whoa," Chaz says with a gentle laugh, kissing my cheeks. "It was that bad? They didn't like your drawings? How could they not have liked them? I've always loved your little stick woman. Did you put top hats on them? I love it when you put top hats on them."
Ok, wasn't me most romantic scene ever, but it was cute. Wasn't right? 

And you? Who is your Book Boyfriend of the week? :)