quarta-feira, 30 de março de 2011

My Book Boyfriend (6)

This week, despise all the things that I've to study for my next week's tests, I'm happy. Yesterday (March 29th) was the release of Lover Unleashed, the 9th book of Black Dagger Brotherhood, by J.R Ward and the day before (March 28th), Make It Or Break It, one of my favorite shows, was aired again, with new episodes! So, yes, this is a great week! And since yesterday was Lover Unleashed release, why not do a MBB for BDB? 
My Book Boyfriend is hosted by The Unread Reader, in which we show to our readers, characters that we're drooling for! This week, I'll talk about my love of the week:


  • Books that he's in: All the books of Black Dagger Brotherhood
  • Appearance:
"Rhage and I meet a week later in brotherhood’s mansion. And not surprisingly, it’s in the kitchen. When Fritz brings me to him, Rhage is over the stove, cooking himself French toast. Well, a whole loaf of French toast. He’s wearing a black muscle shirt and a worn pair of Levi’s that are frayed at the waist, cuffs, and back pockets. I stare. His physical beauty is so... compelling, I measure it once and then again and again. The striking planes and angles of his face, the utter perfection of his big body, those astounding blue/green eyes... it’s all an anomaly, as unnatural a combination as that which equates to true ugliness." (from J.R Ward's site)

  • Rhage is considered the most beautiful of the Brotherhood.
  • He's called Hollywood by his friends.
  • Despite his appearance, he's a lethal warrior.
  • He's mated with Mary, a imortal human.
  • He can transform in a dragon, because of a curse that Scribe Virgin put on him. When he's in this form he destroy everything in his way, except Mary.  
  • Why he's my Book Boyfriend: Probably you don't want to date Rhage, but admit to yourself, at the least you want to sleep with him. And he's a good guy, when he isn't in a bad mood.
  • My perfect Rhage: Jason Lewis. I need to explain? XD
  • Scene that made me swoon:

"Your name?"
"Mary. She named me after the Virgin Mary."
Rhage's breath caught. And then he laughed softly.
"What's so funny?"
His eyes were a bright, shining teal blue. "Just that V… well, Vishous is never wrong. Oh, Mary, my beautiful virgin, will you let me love you for as long as I live? And when I go unto the Fade, will you come with me?"
"Yes." She stroked his cheek. "But does it bother you that I can't have your children?"
"Not in the slightest. I have you, that's all that matters."
"You know," she murmured, "there's always adoption. Do vampires ever adopt?"
"Just ask Tohrment and Wellsie. I can already tell they think of John as their
own." Rhage smiled. "You want a baby, I'll get you one. And you know, I might be okay as a dad."
"I think you'll be more than okay."
When she bent down to kiss him, he stopped her. "Ah, there's just one other thing."
"Well, we're stuck with the beast. I kind of bargained with the Scribe Virgin—"
Mary pulled back. "You bargained?"
"I had to do something to save you."
She stared at him, stunned, and then closed her eyes. He had set the wheels in motion; he had saved her.
"Mary, I had to trade something—"
She kissed him hard. "Oh, God, I love you," she breathed.
"Even if it means you're going to have to live with the beast? Because the curse is perpetual now. Set in stone. Forever."
"I told you, that's fine with me." She smiled. "I mean, come on. He's kind of cute, in a Godzilla sort of way. And I'll look at it as a two-for-one kind of deal."
Rhage's eyes flashed white as he rolled her over and put his mouth on the side of her neck.
"I'm glad you like him," he murmured, his hands tugging up her shirt. "Because the two of us are yours. For as long as you'll have us."
"That would be eternally," she said as she let herself go.
And reveled in all the love.

So, who is you book boyfriend of the week? :)