quarta-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2011

My Book Boyfriend (1)

My book boyfriend is a meme hosted by The Unread Reader, in which we show to our reader the characters we are drooling for. I Thought that would be fun, because everytime we read a book we imagine a person who would like good in the skin of our favorite characters, so here i'll show who, i think, should be my favorite boyfriend of the week. This week is:


    • Hugh Jackman
      • Books he's in: He appears in all books of "In
      • Death" Series
      (since Naked in Death until Treachery in Death, which is the last published) by Nora Roberts/J.D Robb;
    • Date of Birth: October 6, 2024 (don't confirmed)
    • Residence: 222 Central Park West
    • Civil State: Married with Lt. Eve Dallas
    • Height:  6 feet, 2 inches (1,87m)
    • Weight: 178 pounds (78 kg)
    • Hair: Black
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Why he's my book boyfriend: He's perfect. He's rich, he's handsome, he's caring and he love his wife more than anything else. And he loves to give presents to her hahaha Who wouldn't like to have a husband like this? 
    • Who would be the perfect Roarke in a movie: A lot of people say that Hugh Jackman can be Roarke in a future "In Death" Movie, and I agree with them! If he lets his hair grow a little more, he would be perfect :9

    • Quotes"You cain't filter out CompuGuard in a few hours." Roarke sighed heavily, shook his head. "First you hurt my feelings, now you insult me. I don't know why I put up with this abuse." Then he moved fast, grabbing her up, hauling her against him and crushing her mouth with a kiss so hot, she wondered if her lips were smoking. "Oh, yes." He released her, picked up his coffee again. "That's why." - J D Robb, Interlude In Death (Out of this World anthology) p.33 
      Hugh Jackman"Less than an hour ago, you were telling me to stop whining, and now I walk in and watch you deck the primary on the investigation that's put me here. Just where do you stand, Roarke?" "With you, Eve. Always." "Why did you kick at me like that?" "To piss you off." He smiled a little, cupped her chin. "It worked. You're going to need some ice on your knuckles as well." She linked her aching fingers with his. "I killed your droid." "Yes, I know." "I pretended it was you." "Yes," he said again, "I know." He took her hand, curled it into a fist and brought it to his lips. "Want to hit the real thing now?" "Maybe." She stepped to him, into him, wrapped her arms around him. "Thanks." "For?" "For knowing me well enough to understand what I needed." She closed her eyes, pressed her face to his neck. "I think I understand you well enough to understand it wasn't easy for you to do." His arms came around her. "I can't stand to see you hurt this way." "I'm going to get through it. I'm not going to be less than you expect of me. Or less than I expect of myself. I need you with me." She let out a breath, eased back. "I'm going to let Baxter back in. Don't hit him anymore, okay?" "Can I watch while you hit him? You know how it excites me to see you pound on someone." "Let's see how it goes." - JD Robb, Conspiracy In Death p.252-253 
      "If you screw around, I promise I'm calling a couple of big, burly uniforms and having them remove you from the scene." Roarke: "But darling, it's so much more arousing when the police brutality comes from you." - JD Robb, Judgment in Death p.51

       Who is your book boyfriend? :)

      P.S: Someone can make me stop of listen "Supa Dupa Diva"?